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of been explored in every administration i have seen in washington since the 1980's. >> we will take one or two more calls, and then wrap things up with our guest. these -- caller: lobbyists, i think they ought to be outlawed. is just bribery, if you think about it. it is just bribery, paying off the politicians, putting money in their pockets for what their goal is, not the people's goal. that is what i have to say. host: is there any aspect of this we have not talked about that you want to bring up, anything else we should know? guest: not really. i think it has been good to hear the opinions of people in the real world about this, and about the presidential stuff. it gives us something to think about. guest: maybe it is something we can think about. the reuters washington bureau chief. thank you for your time. >> we take you live now to dublin, new hampshire. this is a fundraiser with texas senator ted cruz, one of the candidates we might see run for president in 2016. the chair of the new hampshire gop will introduce senator kelly ontte, and then we will move to ted cruz's remarks. t
's first ladies. weeknights all this week at nine eastern on c-span. events frompublic washington directly to you, putting you in the room at congressional hearings, white house events, and offering complete gavel-to-gavel coverage of the u.s. house, all as public service of ride that industry. funded by your local cable or satellite or vied her, provider.llite atnext, amy klobuchar speaks the wingding fundraiser. prior to the minnesota senator's remarks, the event also honored former secretary of state hillary clinton with the beacon award. she was unable to attend. this is 45 minute. >> good evening, ladies and >> that is some big shoes to follow. party respects women across america. me greathy it gives pleasure to reward one of the greatest females with the beacon award. an awardeated to give to an outstanding democrat who exemplifies the ideals and values. in 2009, it was awarded to jimmy carter. it went to state senator and the majority leader. to tomar's award went harkin. this year's award has gone to secretary hillary clinton. [applause] stage some me on women withdemocratic onhere
. >> on the next washington discussesong michael child prostitution ring that stretched across 76 cities including chicago and oklahoma city. lawr that, the healthcare and the impact on insurance rates. will discuss in the amount of money the pentagon spends on generals and admirals. oh that was your phone calls e- mails and tweets on washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> i been pushing for this indiscriminate that we would move legislation, it is big and it is complicated. it means different things for different people. we need to get this done. as hard as it is for me to say the house is done something right. they are fine. they need to pass some of this. we ought to look at what they did. and certainly if you want to take a stab of doing our own thing. that is great. we need to get moving. this is a real threat to read this a real problem. nightll lay awake at worried. we need to get this done. >> technology and internet issues. monday night on the communicators. >> former texas congressman spoke at them young americans for liberty at george mason use aggressive. .he nation
on the head, even in washington. we are divided and confused on the same issue. do we get involved? can we not get involved? >> i just learned a lesson from you. you have to have a policy. you have to think about contingencies. i think of this more -- if you are on the defense, it is always of course, an american muslim, we have seen a lot of that. we are seeing some of this on an intellectual level. i have a lot of control over the discussions i have. being on the defensive, you can never get it right. the united states is on the offensive. it may be one analogy that is very of limited use. if you are in a lawsuit and the lawyer tells you do not talk as much. you could be an expert witness. it is still in your interest the -- because it is easy to get it wrong and easy to contradict something that you said before. but knowledge and research and connecting -- i do not know what is usually done there. everything you say is discoverable, even if you say it in a certain room. contradictions are not hard. we contradict ourselves. i cannot go further. >> we know that at the noon press briefing,
's questions will return live at 7 a.m. eastern. journal,xt washington the fbi discusses recent action against a child prostitution ring. it stretched across cities including chicago, san francisco, and oklahoma city. the senior correspondent will talk about the health care law and its impact on insurance rates. then the center for strategic and budgetary assessments will discuss the amount of money the pentagon spends on generals and admirals. all that, your phone calls and tweetsashington -- and on washington journal. ♪ >> if we turn away from the needs of others, we deny >> if we turn away from the needs of others, we align ourselves with those forces which are bringing about the suffering. >> the white house is a bully pulpit. >> obesity in this country is nothing short of a public health crisis. >> i think i had little antenna. >> there is so much influence in that office. it would be a shame to waste it. >> i think they serve as a window on the past to what was going on with american women. >> she becomes the chief confidante. she is the only one in the world he can trust. >> many of t
in washington. i buy them a mcdonalds. when they say they want anything trump, they know how i talk and what i say. but they respect it, they respect it. country is really -- we're losing jobs by the millions. have jobs. we don't manufacture like we did. and if you look at china, if you look at what they do with boeing, with caterpillar, secrets, ey take the they take the patents, they make there.ld plants over they don't want caterpillar tractors built in bee your yeah the united states. they want it built over there. why are we doing this? this?e we doing it's no great secret. and if they're going to manipulate their currency and badly, and this is, whyn, other countries also, are we not taxing them so that more product becomes expensive. what will happen is it will go into effect they will top manipulation so fast your head will spin. they don't believe our leader, leader, and they don't think our leaders are very smart. it's a problem. it's a problem. [ applause ] time north korea as an up.mple acts up, they act you know, a little wacky. okay, we've got missiles. korea calls hey, we
attention to aaron buchanan on our staff who is finishing up an internship at george washington university and who did the bulk of the work on an exerciseg as that was both academic and real world. thank you very much, aaron. [applause] something that john lumpkin can't do and that is thank the robert wood johnson foundation shapingng part in the and the cosponsorship of this briefing. that meet reiterate thanks to .he panelists i want to thank them for an extremely useful and rich [applause]on a very tough topic . [applause] retransmission consent is hugely important to my family members. there are two ways to pay for local content. you pay for it through advertising model which is the historical model of television broadcasting are now. a growing stream is retransmission consent. find its level like any market. right now cable pays itself far more for its content than it pays to broadcasters. the truth of the matter is our content is the one that people watch the most. you look at 100 talkshows in any given week, 94 of them are broadcast content. it is worth something. it is important th
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7